Women Are Fucking Awesome

  Being a woman is fucking awesome! Women have it so sweet. Lets review all of the awesomely incredible things that women have going for them.

Vaginas! How fucking kick ass are vaginas? I mean come on, they rock so hard. You can put things in them! How useful! They also make women feel good when they are rubbed, licked, and fucked. Talk about versatility! Women's vaginas feel good and they put stuff in them, and it's A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

Tits! Oh my God tits fucking rule! Women get these awesome tits that they can suck on! They get to lick their tits whenever they want, and it feels good, and they love it! Did you know they produce milk from them too? How awesome is that? That's right really fucking awesome!

Men! Men will do anything for women. Women get a bunch of free shit from men! Like delicious meals, entertaining picture shows, and herpes! Rock on! Women fucking own men and it RULES!

Periods! Women get to bleed out of their breathtaking snatches every month. Talk about extremely awesome awesomeness! They get to stuff these incredibly cool tampons in their slits to soak up the blood. That's cooler than James Dean in a popped collar pink polo listening to emo on his Ipod!

Sex! Women get to have sex whenever they want! They can fuck at almost all hours of the day and night! They could fuck lots of cool strangers in a single day! They can fuck and fuck and fuck, and it is awesome!

Orgasms! Women can have multiple orgasms! They are like "fuck yeah I just had an orgasm, and I am going to do it again! Because it's awesome, and I am awesome!" Then they orgasm all over the place, and fucking love it!

Babies! Women get to have babies! Babies are so fucking cool! They are adorable, awesome, and they kick ass! Women get to have babies all the time! It's great, it's awesome, and they love it! Because babies are awesome and women are awesome!

God, see how awesome being a woman is? The best part of being a woman is of course the being a woman part. They can be like "hey I am a woman, and I get to do awesome shit, so suck it". And you wouldn't even know what to suck because women don't have penises. Then she would laugh at your stupidity, pull out her tampon, have sex with you, orgasm a shitload of times, and then have a baby.

Then you would say, "Wow women are fucking awesome!"