My Conception of Beauty

  As soon as guys become interested in girls they begin critiquing and judging them. At first, these judgments are unrefined. Guys know who they think is attractive, but their conscious mind has trouble articulating what they are attracted too. Gradually we become increasingly aware of what features we like, and we become better at distinguishing which girls measure up.

  As a guy gains more experience with girls, his palette becomes more refined. Guys who are constantly sought after by girls are much more sophisticated in their ratings of females. Your typical nerdy guy will have trouble distinguishing which girl is hotter than the others in a group of attractive females. To him they are all equally hot and he is so overwhelmed by the site of them that he cannot even begin to critique and rate these girls.

  Many guys have tried to develop female rating systems. They think they can develop some sort of scientific way of rating the attractiveness of all females. This experiment is doomed for failure, because know matter how objective you try to be the system will always be subjective to the maker's preferences.

  Your body has preferences for certain physical traits. If you are in tune with your bodies desires you can consciously discover what is attractive to you. I believe I am conscious of my preferences. They may be variable, and are subjective. However, I do believe I more or less share the same preferences as most heterosexual males. The only difference being that maybe mine are more refined. Below are my ideal preferences for a female. I have included pictures to demonstrate what I am talking about.

My Preferences:

Face: The face is the most important feature. I like nice symmetric features, and a slightly rounded soft bone structure.

Hair: Brunettes slightly more than blondes, and blondes significantly more than redheads.

Eyes: Blue eyes slightly more than green/hazel eyes, and green/hazel eyes slightly more than dark eyes.

Teeth: Straight white teeth.

Lips: Full lips.

Body: Though the body is not as important as face, it still carries weight (pun intended). I prefer a slender figure. The waist should be around 70% of the hips, and the stomach should be flat.

Ass: The shape I prefer is round on both the top and bottom. It should be firm. It should not be too narrow or too long. The ideal would be the size of a volleyball. See figures below.

Breasts: Sizes B too large C are ideal. The breasts should be firm, and have a tear drop shape. I prefer pink nipples with small areolas.

Height: 5'4" too 5'10" is my preferred range.

Skin: Tan slightly more than pale, and pale significantly more than disgustingly too tan.