Caption Contest: Hot Stubs

Hot Stubs




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22 Responses to “Caption Contest: Hot Stubs”

  1. Adam Bomb says:

    Having trouble with your wallet? Let me give you a hand.

  2. That Guy says:

    “i would probably do her”

  3. Lealand says:

    Still would

  4. The Bob says:

    “I found her innocent beauty, to be completely disarming.”

  5. big linc says:

    i guess handjobs are out of the question

  6. Dude Manrod says:

    Nice dress, must have cost her an arm and a ….. oops, my bad.

  7. Patrick says:

    Boner Killer

  8. jammer4o says:

    Wow ! She should be really easy to rape.

  9. BigJ77 says:

    I can ride this chick with no handlebars, no handlebars.

  10. cky stafford says:

    no phone sex with her..

  11. quitethunder says:

    Very Pretty girl, would be luck to have her…as long as she doesn’t have an attitude…..

  12. Amethyst says:

    LOL @ the comments. Anyway, the face is enough for me to actually her… I wouldn’t mind a single bit.

  13. Arrogant Bastard says:

    Would she be more amenable because she can’t paddle her own canoe? Me thinks, yes.

  14. MF Voltron says:

    My nubs,my nubs, my lovely lady nubs

  15. muraliharan says:


  16. Larry Clarke says:

    Even my G-String matches the outfit.

  17. Dr_Komeil says:

    Look Ma! No hands!

    (She’s pretty darned attractive, even with the arm situation)

  18. AJ_Reds says:

    Still fine hands down.

  19. coop says:

    Do u think she gives a good hand job

  20. PastaKing420 says:

    She gives the best blowjobs. How bout a round of applause for lefty.

  21. S smith says:

    her mouth is still there along with a very tasty arse. she can fuck me

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