Caption Contest: Mexican Mom Birthday

Mexican Mom Birthday




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149 Responses to “Caption Contest: Mexican Mom Birthday”

  1. Adam Bomb says:

    The Hernandez family celebrates a successful plan to obtain Green cards.

  2. mcstafford says:

    “How do you brats think we got the denero for these cakes! Now pay attention, you two start work tomorrow!”

  3. mcstafford says:

    cmon, let’s get more of them in the country

  4. BeardedStumbler says:

    Caution Cake may contain nuts!

  5. Mooky Pimpkins says:

    Years later little Rosa would not be able to go down on any man unless they sang Happy Birthday first.

  6. JJDynomite says:

    A new spin on the old phrase, “look ma no hands”

  7. Jackoffasaurus says:

    “Girls, if you want to stay in America for the rest of your life you need to learn the proper technique.”

  8. Free For All says:

    This is the same woman that used to
    yell at us for sucking our thumbs.

  9. Dave says:

    MOM your suppose to blow the candles, not that thing you and daddy do at night.

  10. bhushan says:

    top job …. cheers

  11. EG says:

    What happened to affirmative action…?

  12. awesome G says:

    And that’s how the Mexican porn starlet “Senorita Fellatio” got her start..

  13. Ecr says:

    This is the job Mexicans are taking away from Americans

  14. ahmad says:

    Looks like mommy prefers the white ones

  15. Jon says:

    “Consuela! Careful, you might get hot wax all over your face.”

  16. Victor says:

    “Mommy! You blew the wrong candle!”
    “No I didn’t dear. Daddy wants Mommy to blow this candle first!”

  17. Fez says:

    The little girl in front row is thinking “oh my…”

  18. Trey Duke says:

    She picked the white dick, it had more money and a job.

  19. Jamie says:

    We said “blow-OUT” the candles, mom. Not “blow them.”

  20. Espininja says:

    When done correctly, you DO get this sweaty.

  21. Rufus T. Firefly says:

    Why does the chocolate one look bigger?

  22. Torgo3K says:

    Now little Maria knows what Daddy means when he says, “Cover your teeth”.

  23. Johnny 5-O says:

    If you ever sneak across the border into California, Esperanza, you can either do this for a few hours a night or you can sell bags of oranges on the freeway. This pays better so pay attention.

  24. Kmart says:

    This bitch took away my binky??

  25. wayne cardin says:

    no hunny…THIS is how you BLOW out a candle

  26. sadballs says:

    That is a great sucker.How long is that blow job.

  27. Cannon says:

    That is sad. I am sad.

  28. Corrigan says:

    Pff, i sucked penises larger than that.

  29. moose says:

    It beats mowing grass in the hot sun for $5 an hour !

  30. BARABRIANSxINC says:

    SURPRISE!!! cock in a cake…don’t ask who made the frosting

  31. guest228 says:

    little girl: MAMA! …

    You did not pay for that cake!

    woman: Yes but it paid for me for the next 15 minutes.

  32. Stan the man in pakistan says:

    Put the Mask back on.

  33. Spewf says:

    Apparently it is true, woman can’t get enough d***

  34. Treg says:

    Filomena! Noooooooooooo, los links!

  35. Goot Gootins says:

    Mommy likes to have her cake and suck it too!

  36. Gregry says:

    Arrre you UNO! are you DOS! are you TRES!

  37. bombmash says:

    I told you Guys,if we stayed at this party long enuf it would Suck!!!

  38. Tony says:

    Pace yourself mommy, we STILL have to have room for dessert!

  39. steven slater says:

    besides the penis the cake looks pretty good

  40. CagedDonkey says:

    Where’s the cream filling.

  41. Max says:

    Alright kids we’re crossing the border tomorrow. There is one thing you all have to learn….

  42. FuckYou says:

    Fuck You Max, Gregry and Johnny 5-0… you stopped being funny and/or cute since you came out your mommy´s cunt.

  43. SkipSkap says:

    The genetically-engineered strippers were small enough for the birthday cake in all the right places, and too big in one absolutely perfect place.

  44. Georgesxxxxx says:

    Mommy seems to be a good teacher…

  45. ianD says:

    Little Girl: “mmmm…. yeah, keep doing what you doing. slow. slow. yeeeeeeah… fuck that’s hot… now just the tip…. mmmmmhmmmmmm”

  46. Jay says:

    You’re doing it wrong.

  47. conrad says:

    Someone really wants that American Idol job….

  48. Chip89 says:

    oh blow out the candle!!

  49. Chip89 says:

    I guess i should have blew out the candle first

  50. Van Reiper says:

    Mommy! You’re not at work anymore! This is my Birthday Party!

  51. Dustin says:

    Now Girls, if you just stick to this you wont end up with as many kids as I have.

  52. Chris Z says:

    Mommy sure knows how to blow… out the candles!!!

  53. Darren says:

    Mom! You are supposed to cup the balls!

  54. Joey lynn says:

    something like that should not have been done around children. It is ok to have fun. Now if the child wasn’t there it would have been funny. I know what some of yall are thinking but you need to think if it was your child watching.

  55. Me says:

    WTF are you doing to my lightsaber Mommy?!

  56. BonerMcGee says:

    She picked the white one. Looks like Christmas is gonna be awesome.

  57. pooperscooper says:

    Shock and awe. Mami what are you doing? thats not papi’s pipi…or cousin Pedro’s!

  58. Stan Groves says:

    Love the photo. Nothing wrong with kids seeing real life which is all about sex. In Japan they don’t hide anything sexual from kids, and as a result they grow up without any of the hangups we have here in this country, plus they grow up and become the best lovers too.

  59. phantom says:

    Mom you’ve at it for an hour! Is it my turn yet?

  60. I have a feeling you're trolling says:

    @Stan Groves, actually being made sexually aware at too young an age can result in sexual inability, especially common in girls is vaginismus as a result of this which can be so severe as to render them completely unable to have sex – far from “the best lovers”…

    • thesmartone says:

      Well isnt that just another made up disorder made up by America? I mean I think showing little girls how to deliver BJ’s is a little extreme, but also showing them alternate ways to banging every dick they see can also be benefitial. Sex can be great if you wait for a long time. Exposing kids to sex early on can make it easier to mold them.

      arguments aside… mom sure knows how suck a candle…

  61. askdon says:

    mummy thats not a candle

  62. Lisa says:

    Mommy, can I try?

  63. joey c says: said good girls lick…not suck

  64. Henry Higgins says:

    “Humphy Hirf Hay Whoo Whoo, Humphy Hirf Hay Whoo Whoo …”

  65. Milton says:

    And girls, this is how you become Miss Universe.

  66. MrIPfreely says:

    And remember girls, women swallow

  67. Aundre Breeman says:


  68. aqua says:

    momi what happens when i turn 2

  69. phoenix_08 says:

    Maybe there’s “icing” inside….

  70. Dude says:

    This was the day that little Christina will be able to look back and pinpoint her disgust for cake and men.

  71. BARBEESDOLL says:


  72. Kristiana says:

    That’s not how Uncle Jose showed us how to do it.~

  73. AllThatIsChris says:

    Now kids, if mommy had done this for daddy on his birthday, he might still love you..

  74. Gardner Hamilton says:

    Mom, you can stop now, Uncle dad just found fresh cream in the fridge !

  75. moose says:

    you motorboat’n son of bitch

  76. Bopper says:

    Bitch took my cock!

  77. Frank says:

    Pay attention girls, this is how Mommy got her Social Security Number.

  78. Wow! says:

    Mom stop teasing that bitch! Take it ALLLLLLL!

  79. Brian says:

    That’s not what I meant when I said blow out your cake.

  80. Bruno says:

    As a good mother, Juanita knew this was a golden opportunity to teach her young.

  81. gabby says:

    you are all sick and perhaps this is just another indication of the severe problem our world has.
    As for this web page. Hope you dont condone this and you should be more sociably responsible. Those kids will respond to the environment in which they are raised and will once again repeat what they learn at home. I am not a prude but that sort of behaviour has a place and it is not in front of the kids. And you wonder why our society is fucked up. Because we accept and condone the break down of morality.

  82. Zahkmid says:

    Jesus, can Mom suck that dick….

  83. Ola says:

    Odd, she went vanilla over chocolate… hmm…

  84. jonny says:

    What the….

  85. iby 420 says:

    looks like she made the black one “cream” first. that’s right, get the big one out the way.

  86. fender says:

    That bitch needs her ass whipped.They should confiscate those kids from that retarded bitch.

  87. kenny says:

    i love u baby

  88. kenny says:

    hey baby i love u how u been doing

  89. Aregulator says:

    Sing kids “You put the white one in, you take the white one out, you put the black one in and shake it all about.”

  90. Justin says:

    ahh, The year I dressed up as a cake for Halloween. What fond memories.

  91. lansburys baby says:

    once you go strawberry, you never go black.

  92. Quagmire says:

    The kiddies never quite grasped “Musical Cocks” just as they didn’t fully understand “pin the cock on the pussy”

  93. Aubrassai says:

    “Well, mommy, just don’t squat on it before I get a slice.”

  94. cc says:

    what a stupid whore in a world full of stupid whores, that poor baby doesnt have a chance with fu–ups like that rasing her

  95. ArkAngel says:

    What the hell man!! Seriously???

    Now kids, this is how mommy can afford stuff like clothes and crack.

  96. James says:

    Good parents teach their children what they know best…

  97. James says:

    Notice the two girls in the back studying carefully.

  98. Criscoluv says:

    It was poor judgment having young children there, but here’s my best attempt at a caption anyway:

    “Mommy, don’t you know that pee-pee comes out of that thing?!”

  99. This Guy!! says:

    and people say that there isn’t an IMMIGRATION PROBLEM!!!!!!

  100. stanthemaninpakistan says:

    Madre…Why is padre under the table with no pants?

  101. velvetscrotum says:

    little boy that you can just see his eye is thinking “you just gave me the best idea mum!”

  102. leopardo says:

    pero que vieja mas rastrera es esa, no se puede dudar de que esa vieja sea una vieja decrepita y frutrada.

  103. johnerotten says:

    wtf is the black one on the right,a back up?

  104. emily says:

    haha no that one is for the kids!

  105. slimm says:

    Mom, is that how we got here?

  106. Sammi says:

    Proof as too why SOME PEOPLE should NOT BREED!! HAHAHA, Follow me on twitter @SammiDeHart ♥

  107. David says:

    Guess you can have your cake and suck it too.

  108. adam says:

    wow i bet she cant wait to get to the cream filling

  109. hasan says:

    looking so nice this is lol

  110. hasan says:

    so hungry since last so many years she is …

  111. pat says:

    fake obviously geez some people.

  112. JamesB says:

    Is that how you get babies? No sweety, this is how you get jewlery

  113. pot says:

    Pat, how do you go from untampered photo to fake in one go? Jeez some people just love their sanitized lives too much.

  114. natestew82 says:

    The child has the right “wtf is wrong with mom” look on her face because I am thinking the same thing here!

  115. Violet says:

    this is worng is very very worng…. how sad is this picture I want to cry T_T

  116. suresh mahar says:

    very funny mom this mom is very sexy hahahahahhahha

  117. John says:

    They’re such a disgusting, wholly terrible and inferior race. They really are.

  118. Leo says:

    what the fuck is this? lol . hahahha
    is this serious, how can it be possible that someone is doing that?


  119. Penny Sautereau-Fife says:

    “Now pay close attention kids, this will save your life someday.”

  120. minnie mouse says:

    “see kids, this is how we pay the rent, school fees, groceries..”

  121. hail scrooge! says:

    watch the teeeeeth…

  122. Argento says:

    Jeez, Mom! What part of “Blow OUT the candles” don’t you get!?

  123. artandlight says:

    Isn’t that illegal? Some sort of child abuse or something? Exposing kids to something like that is insane!

  124. Ballsonyourchin says:

    This is why we have nice things.

  125. lina says:

    the moms probably like ” wheres the creme filling??”

  126. HeyJouMeit says:


  127. nicolas says:

    que me la chupe cuando quiera

  128. big linc says:


  129. Davygravy says:

    The little girl is like, “NO WAY THEY GET THAT BIG!!” XD She looks scared. lol

  130. Lucas says:

    son todas putas esas me las cojo a todas

  131. scott says:

    No mum, thats the one i used earlier :O

  132. MsAxe2010 says:

    FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. Jonathan says:

    Sorry for those who think this is fake you’re RETARDED TO EVERYONE WHO SAYS THIS IS FAKE!!! Its not even photoshopped its a fucking adult party just like how you have bachelor parties this is somewhat the same! Plus ontop of that i guess its normal for them to expose their kids to it seeing as its only a joke. Anyways its real as you can tell, look at the lighting, and even if it was fake, what the hell do you think she is doing? sucking the flames of the candle inside her? COME ON PEOPLE THINK friggen retards!

  134. giovana says:

    que cosas no
    al menos que respete la chiquita que esta a su lado

  135. Eve says:

    This is Wrong on So Many Levels! this Family shouldn’t be allowed to have Kids in their home if they’re gonna subject their kids to this. They should be arrested & the kids removed from their home, Immedietly. This is Child Abuse! that little girl standing closest to her looks scared and has this look on her face as if asking “Mom, WTF are you doing?” I’m wondering the same thing, but I’m also wondering “Why” she’s doing that in front of kids. If this is an Adult party, then WTH are the kids doing at an Adult party? They should be baby sat by the grandparents or other family member while this party is going on. not At the party. this Pisses me off! sure, I’d like a cake like that, but I’d be way too uncofortable to be eating it while Kids are present.

  136. OMG says:

    “Ckick” A mental picture for life

  137. OMG says:

    “It’s ok it’s white chocolate”

  138. OMG says:


  139. OMG says:

    “OOPS mmmmmmmmm”

  140. BB says:

    “I should have done this 5 years ago”.

  141. BeenAroundAWhile says:

    This is Child Abuse! that little girl standing closest to her looks scared and has this look on her face as if asking “Mom, WTF are you doing?”……

    sure, I’d like a cake like that, but I’d be way too uncofortable to be eating it while Kids are present. end quote.

    Kids this , kids that, The kids don’t give a shit! Other then when do they get their piece of the cake. Its hypocrites like you that are the real problem.

    The kid looks more upset that she may not get a piece because mum us eating the whole thing without cutting it into pieces.

  142. JS says:

    like i always say all mexicans are sick and live and act like animals how i know? because i live in a area of full of illegal mexicans witch my area where i live wasn’t like how it is today crimes and no jobs for americans because they want to pick mexicans to pay them low low money for extra hard work they don’t want us americans because we ain’t stupid so they pick stupid mexicans

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