Caption Contest: Retard Gangsta

Retard Gangsta




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8 Responses to “Caption Contest: Retard Gangsta”

  1. yep says:

    yet he still has more money and street cred than little wang he still spits out even more retarded nigger jibberish.

  2. sofi says:

    Cawsh bitch

  3. who raw says:

    fuck wit me and i’ll nunchuck yo ass biatch

  4. Bill says:

    At least he efficiently stored all of his ninja weapons on the wall using nails, instead of purchasing a expensive display case. Just look at all the money he saved!

  5. This Guy says:

    “What makes u think i wount do some ninja shit”

  6. MattMolo says:

    Yo guys wasup, I’m M.C Dolla and welcome to my crib!

  7. MattMolo says:

    Breaking news! Tim Westwood donates thousands to charity.

  8. albz says:

    this kid owed us a bit of cash so now he’s on the internutz… now dance sucka!

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