Caption Contest: Ugly Apron

Ugly Apron




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152 Responses to “Caption Contest: Ugly Apron”

  1. matt says:

    would you like some cheese with your crackers?

  2. Oh ya says:

    Behold as a jew gets fat consuming the Freedoms of America.

    • ron koleman says:

      Oh ya says:
      August 25, 2010 at 4:03 pm
      Behold as a Jew gets fat consuming the Freedoms of America.

      Seems your just another bigoted, antisemitic piece of shit, sucking air that those with any sort of intellect could use. Another nazi in the closet.

    • Oh ya SUCKS! says:

      what the fuck is wrong with you?

  3. Adam Bomb says:

    “Strangely enough, I started my diet today.”

  4. Snazu says:

    ….. and in my belly!!

  5. Beardedstumbler says:


  6. Abby says:

    I’d die of starvation first!

  7. Matt says:

    Got Milk!

  8. Barry McCockiner says:

    I bet she’s got nips like dinner plates!

  9. Jack says:

    … and the tastiest treats under my rolls!

    • ArT says:

      “… and the tastiest treats under my rolls!” … oh hey, there’s that cheeseburger I miss-placed last week. Yum! Still nice and warm!

  10. Adam Bomb says:

    Belinda misunderstood the constitution while exercising her “right to bare arms.”

  11. BARBEESDOLL says:


  12. Renegator says:

    Hey terrible lookin’, whatcha got cookin?

  13. Jabba says:


  14. chaseturbo says:

    All natural and not FAT FREE

  15. Kballs says:

    Does this necklace make me look fat?

  16. Pauly Dangerously says:

    That’s 1 way to get your Twinkie stinky…

  17. Pauly Dangerously says:

    I get the sneaking suspicion that she keeps the best snacks under her bed.

  18. Mardi Graz says:

    “Ghandi’s que”

  19. gclix says:

    Wait a minute its a “SHE”?

  20. Amish says:

    “Touch me, I’m Dick”

  21. DrWhooznecks says:

    “along with Hoffa, Bin Laden, The WMD’s, ….

  22. chief hogger says:

    if i could just get my boot back

  23. Gray Godchild says:

    Just for the hell of it, I would make her take off the apron. From there we will see if she’s worth my time evening existing near me.

  24. Subby says:

    And my ID, change, purse, and kitchen sink.

  25. Pat says:

    all i can say is ( DAM )

  26. coca says:

    DAMN, I’m gonna go on a diet for sure now.

  27. This Guy!! says:

    I think i just puked a little!!!!!!!

  28. MOMOD says:


  29. Ghost says:

    Fucking liar!

  30. alphakennywun says:

    serving size? ha! Eating all of the snacks counts right?

  31. Mutt says:

    Her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
    So they can ask
    “How do we leave the yard?”

  32. tronctl says:

    when the lights go out fun fun fun

  33. catnip says:

    Snacks under her Apron?! She needs to keep that smack under a BURKHA!!!

  34. Trim man says:

    Snack Hell! Looks like a full unhappy meal to me.

  35. Victor says:

    I bet those snacks are not fat free

  36. heywood says:

    Boobs .. its whats for dinner !!!!

    And I’d definitely hit that !!

  37. guysmiley says:

    i would have sex with that hottie until she was skinny.

  38. fuka says:

    hey american cabron
    ?que se pasa?!
    soy un hombre e gustas de las cabritas muito

  39. hairy says:

    I can haz famibly buckets

  40. Turd Ferguson says:

    1. That girl is so fat her brestmilk is mayonnaise.

    2. The apron’s a lie. The snacks are gone, just like all the other guests. Now there’s just you, your heineken, and a night that promises to contribute to your suicide.

  41. jackoffinthebox says:

    the crackers are a little soggy, as the Humidity is high, but I have some clit cheese to go with them!

  42. mike says:

    Hold on, let me pull one out and dry it off for you…

  43. MCMKingKilla says:

    Om nom nomnom nom om nom… Om nom nomnom om…

  44. 3rd Street Entertainment says:

    i don’t care what anyone says…i’ll be glad to take a look at her snacks. looks like she has some helluva titties

  45. gloworm says:

    Everything tastes better with a dollop of ….Daisy.

  46. gloworm says:

    finger lickin good.

  47. gloworm says:

    100 % Trans fat

  48. gloworm says:

    damn fergie let her self go

  49. lawlycakes says:

    hell i want some snacks. she looks like she got some good’uns

  50. Me ! says:

    Yummy, yummy girl !

  51. woodygoody says:

    arr it’s a mighty fine one, MAN THE HARPOONS!!

  52. mark baxter says:

    glad i just started my diet then

  53. Trust No One says:

    No thanks, I’ll eat my own $hit 1st!

  54. koo says:

    at least she has big tits.

  55. Ramabanana says:

    Shut up. You’d hit it after half a beer. So would I, but at least I’m honest about it.

  56. Jake says:

    So sorry, I’m on a non-fat diet…..

  57. big linc says:

    She really has a bag of cheetohs tucked away in there

  58. souper says:

    That’s where she keep’s her crisp’s !

  59. BILL says:

    … and by “Keep” the best snacks, she means “has eaten for the last 10 years”…

  60. Felhawk says:


  61. LENNIE1DREAD says:


  62. murphy says:

    people are so mean. you never know……… ever here the saying? “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”

  63. Viperjoe says:

    she fat and ugly but ill take her for the tits

  64. herpaderp says:


  65. Randy says:

    I don’t think she’s very ugly, but she is fat.

  66. blanca says:

    ok i know the saying goes never judge a book by it’s cover but c’mon she’s blew it -best snacks under my apron. GO TO HELL!

  67. Parker says:

    Hey, people… That’s a real person in that photo, and I hope she never reads the hateful crap in some of the comments above.

    And if she *does* see this page…
    I say, “Good on you, darlin’… you are sensual and sexy, and I’m glad you know it.”

  68. doug says:

    ^fatty mcfatterson, serving up a fatty platter.

  69. LH says:

    You guys are so mean…of course she keeps the snacks under her apron…where else would the food stay warm?

  70. Johnny O. :) says:

    good sense of humor, warm heart, sincere…cute smile. Whats the matter with guys nowadays? This gal is a winner ! If I wuz a few years younger, I would love to spend some time with this sweetheart ! ‘plumper’s are beautiful, fun and wonderful !

    • Hannah says:

      How do you know if she is warm-hearted an sincere? not all fat people are nice, I was tormented for 3 years by a fat woman who eventually pushed me down the stairs at a supermarket and got sent to jail because she almost killed me (plus she was 33 and i was 15 so it was also child abuse). people make assumptions about fat people because its usually the fat peron who gets bullied but maybe they should should think about how much harm a fat person can do because of their extra weight.

  71. todd says:

    What do you mean put down the fork and step away from the plate?

  72. mike says:

    id give her my phone number!

  73. JohnP says:

    You don’t look at the mantlepiece when you are stoking the fire.

  74. doodad says:

    Ugly Girl Apron Caption:

    “Well…I’m still a trophy to a nigger!”

  75. Phil says:

    do watermelons count as snacks???

  76. CaseyJane says:

    Right next to the 5 Course Meal!

  77. LukeG says:

    On Aisle 10.. between the drinks and meats….

  78. jean says:

    god!! i prefer to die of no eating than test that horrible snack!!

  79. scott says:

    Burger King, Home of the Whopper

  80. addu paddu says:

    dats ma girlfriend mother

  81. Jules says:

    I bet she lost the snacks while eating them between her fat…

  82. denn says:

    some people say put a bag over her head…. in this case it’s more like put a shed over her head.

    I’d throw her out of bed………….

    but I might need a forklift to get her out of the house though!

  83. finbar says:

    atleast she`s game and her “friends” an arsehole for publishing this on the web

  84. EmmaG says:

    Sorry, not into junk food

    • Gray says:

      You know you’re being hypocritical right now. You reply with “junk food” and then attack someone else who attacks the picture with negative wording.

      And the rest of you, job well done on revealing how much of a “true person” you are.

      A majority of the ones saying that she shouldn’t be ashamed, are most likely in her exact position or used to be. However, this, as shallow as the water has become, seems to be the only way people can accept others.

      Those of you (possibly male by the responses) that would tap that. Good job, bro. You deserve a brofist through the effen internet cause you rock. Ain’t no such thing as ugly. Beauty is beyond the eye of the beholder though for when the beholder listens to the Richie Macrich families that control their perspective, it’s in the eye of those–people–who own them.

      And to a Mr. John and those like him,

      Grow up and die in your perfect world cause me and the Real Men (those who deserve a brofist) are members of the human race, where no one is perfect.

      Also some words of advice: Just because you have an opinion, doesn’t mean you have to say it. Heck, you barely even have the right to say it. Most likely, the way you want to say it, is just so bad, you insult yourself by saying it in such a vulgar and asinine way.

      And then everyone wonders why their lives are so bad or why they can’t have what they want. Answer: Cause you’re not worth it if you’re perfect.

      • EmmaG says:

        Alrighty mr. “Just because you have an opinion, doesn’t mean you have to say it;” Its a caption contest. In case you didn’t know, that’s the point. Sure, considering what I wrote, I was being hypocritical, but to a point. I did not say that I wanted to ” inject her with breast cancer, then cure her, then inject her again before shooting her,” unlike SOME OTHERS on this site. If thats really what you want, an absent-minded debate, then stay out of this site.

  85. Chrisi says:

    yeah well please keep them under there…

  86. Bekbob says:

    I’d bet she’s a nice girl with a sense of humour. And probably quite a lover too.

  87. D says:

    Is Paula Deen stuck under a fat roll??

  88. BT1 says:

    Like her! I want to invite her to come over here. And she may get married with me.

  89. batschi says:

    Aber jederzeit gerne ,- und immer wieder
    Ich mag sie

  90. willow says:

    i think the guys who are saying they would
    tap her have not had it in a while or u just don twant to die alone bcos really REALLY? come on

  91. sailor says:

    Always had a thing for bigger chicks, so I wouldn’t even have second thoughts about trying her “best snacks”.

  92. John says:

    Someone should slit her throat

  93. Johnny O. :) says:

    Just joking before. She should be injected with breast cancer, then cured, then injected again before being shot.

  94. Johnny O. :) says:

    Parker, is that you in the photo? She/you are not real people.

  95. Mary Ellsworth says:

    To all you haters I say stop it! To her I say “Well done. You’re not ashamed of what these dim-witted morons have to say about you. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Good on you love.”
    Everyone else- Leave her alone!!!!
    And Johnny O- You’re the worst. You make me sick.

  96. fatchicksrulez says:

    I’m in your apron, stealing your snacks.

  97. Wyatt F Huck says:

    I hope she reads the comments, goes on a diet, and feels happy about herself.

  98. EmmaG says:

    Hey, “Johnny O. :),” get a f*cking life. She’s a human and humans come in all different shapes and sizes. You wouldn’t have a d*mn clue, though, because you’ve been rejected by everyone you knew and loved and have no life besides making fun of people on the internet that, by the way, aren’t even a fraction as sad and pathetic as you are. You’re a rotten piece of sh*t. And the best part is we all know you cry like a b*tch when you see this stuff and you just cover it up with lame comebacks. I hope she never sees what you’ve said because you’re a dumb misogynist. Look it up, f*ck-off.

  99. Billy D says:

    Fat girls need love too!!

  100. Asher says:

    I would eat her snacks from underher apron, she looks hot and with big boobs!

  101. Pelele says:

    cute … and with her I’d eat snacks in bed every day … yummy

  102. Johnny O. :) says:

    Hi EmmaG. You’re right- I didn’t think of her a real person who might actually read this. I suppose I got caught up in the anonymity of the internet. I apologise to her and to everyone who read my comment.

  103. Bobby Joe says:

    Huge boobs sometimes go hand in hand with staggering obesity, so there’s that.

  104. lil rad child! says:

    girl,you look great :)

  105. John says:

    Ta’ hell with that Emma… I’d put a bag on that face, squeeze & fuck her tits, poke a hole in the bag, cum in her mouth and call it a day.

  106. Wolfie says:

    Wow really people?1?!?!?! how dare you say such cruel comments, she is a brave woman for letting this photo be published. people who say “slit her throat or give her cancer” or all that other fu**ing shit have a problem. people like you made my life a living hell and finally i accept who i am and that why i i WILL NEVER date american men again cuz there so shallow and think if a girls not skinny then they are nothing, well guess what boys you aint men and never will be. no body is perfect if you want perfect go create a robotic gf cuz she’d be as fake as you.

    • Seth74 says:

      Just so you know, Wolfie, not all American men think with such limited views on female standards of beauty. I’m saddened to read that you’ve obviously had such negative experiences dealing with guys from my country. However, don’t sell yourself or the next guy short by generalizing an ENTIRE country. You may just end up depriving yourself of a great experience, as well as whatever gentleman you might give that chance to.

    • Michael says:

      @Wolfe – If you’re as fat and ugly as the epic monstrosity in the picture then you should commit suicide. Please remove your fat heffer self from the gene pool. Also, some people are perfect. They’re called hot chics.

      • tt says:

        alot of assumptions about self respect, weight issues and on… funny, you should look in the mirror at yourself and realize how ignorant and petty you all are. How sad and pathetic that you have nothing better to do than to troll the internet and make fun of others. You must be terribly lonely up on that pedestal.

        • tt says:

          ignorance and alot of crap coming from people who are hiding behind their computer screens. Why assume she has a problem? Why assume she has no self respect? I think she is smiling shyly, and that she is having some fun with this pic.
          Do you talk like this to random people on the street? Do you mock people in the elevator? Probably not. Youve got no class or respect for people. You are pathetic assholes for making rude comments without knowing what is going on. Karma is a bitch and she will get you back for the things you put forth.

      • MissKilling says:

        God michael, I hope you don’t breed. You are a tragic, mindless, MESS! So, did you lose your brain at once, or was it a slow process?

    • The Last Archimedean says:

      I’m an American male with a 250-lb girlfriend who I think is beautiful. Not all Americans like a size -4. Big girls are much sweeter than anorexic chicks and better in bed too, I’ll never date a skinny chick again.

    • Lauren says:

      I understand what you are saying, and I agree with you. However, it’s like that everywhere. Not just in America. But kudos to you for standing up for her.

  107. Boobles says:

    Actually, you don’t get that big without a glandular disorder or poor lifestyle choices. Most obese people don’t have a glandular disorder. That being said…yes…her tits are awesome…but…the rest of her isn’t so awesome.

  108. meatstraw says:

    WOW!!! Has My Brothers Tits Ever Gotten Huge

  109. yomama says:


  110. Snezzle says:

    How now, Brown cow?

  111. sakinokia says:

    I would love to play with her, will she have me for dinner?

  112. angel_eyes says:

    She should have more respect for herself, that’s what is amazing to me…not her weight but her lack of self respect.

  113. meshell says:

    its ok if youdont mind seeing the perspiration perculating through the folds of her flesh

  114. Jacinta says:

    Wow what nasty comments that is just plain horrible poor girl..I am sure she is the nicest person in the world and maybe just maybe something might of happened like her parents dying tragically or her best freind committing suicide or…maybe losing a child we dunno why she looks the way she does or how she got there you’re the most disgusting filthy pigs you men saying that garbage..and if she commits suicide over it may god be mericiful with your soul. People are still human people are people no matter what size race or background…does it really have to be commented that you find her not attractive is any of that shit necessary? really. No…if you find her repulsive thats one thing to comment and make fun of her is another that makes you a coward and a bully. OK…to all you Bullies.

  115. Coopacabra says:

    That might be true, Jacinta. She might be the nicest person in the whole world. But why are you sure? This is nothing more than a photo of a fat girl in an apron. You know nothing about her. She could be a racist that strangles cats for sexual gratification.

  116. lulzburgurs. says:

    All of you pathetic little people,hating on this girl.Coming out with these rude and completely cruel remarks.Its incredibly easy to head online,park your fat greasy arses down and start turning people down isnt it?.The fact that you come on here to say this girl is ugly? this just shows you yourselves have crappy self esteem and probably arent the most beautiful people.There is nothing wrong with curvy girls,alot better than some of the fucking anorexics that brainless morons call hot chicks.This girl looks shy,and she looks like she is pretty nice.Also,got to say something,It takes alot of strength to allow yourself to be judged and to be who you are.
    So much hatred in the world,god what beasts humans can be.Even more beastly than the creatures you find in the darkest corners of the world.Being cruel and turning others down because of who they are and how they look.People just love to hate dont they? absoloutely discusting.

  117. Nate says:

    Only ugly thing i see is the apron, that color makes me want to puke. the rest is fine.

  118. BBWFAN says:

    I would so eat her snacks any day.

  119. Taco Taster says:

    I would love to lick the cheese from her biscuits.

  120. Say What says:

    She really needs to lose weight or put some clothes on. Not only is it unattractive, its unhealthy, but mostly unattractive.

  121. Hoochieman says:

    I agree with tt’s post from earlier. She looked like she was having a good time. And what person on this earth don’t deserve to have one, no matter what you look like, it’s what’s inside that matters.

  122. Mike says:

    Those huge breasts make everything right! Yummie!
    Would love to have sex with her!

  123. patrick says:

    yuo look fine just the way you are.

  124. Jack says:

    “You won’t believe what fits in between my folds!”

  125. Jordan says:

    What a fat bitch

  126. Accadianne says:

    I personally think this woman is very brave. True, she might not be good looking and stuff, but people, you’re not perfect either. You think you’re amazing? Others may puke looking at you. You’d probably feel down when people tell you these stuff. Same applies to the girl. Either you’re immature or stuff, but then learn not to judge people by the look. You’d probably lead the most worthless life ever if you are like that.

    I think she is beautiful in her own way.

    So motherfuckers, just go away if you are to say someone ugly. I mean, you probably don’t perfect as well.

  127. Dude says:

    hope youre hungry

  128. sakinokia says:

    More than lovely snacks under those apron.

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