CindyCyberSex: Who's Your Daddy?

cyber sex

Zodd: hey asl?
CindyCyberSex: 14/f/va you?
Zodd: 34/m/maine
Zodd: am I too old for you?
CindyCyberSex: Fuck no! I love me some floppy old man balls.
Zodd: lol well I got those
Zodd: what are you wearing?
CindyCyberSex: A neck brace and a smile.
Zodd: haha seriously
CindyCyberSex: I am being serious I was in an accident you insensitive prick!
Zodd: i'm sorry
CindyCyberSex: Well it's not your fault´┐Ż unless you're a Guatemalan tranny with a cleft palate.
Zodd: damn
CindyCyberSex: Wait you're not Elmando are you!?!
Zodd: NO!
CindyCyberSex: Good you had me worried there. I almost cut ya.
CindyCyberSex: Don't fuck with me like that I'm on edge!
Zodd: do u like to cyber?
CindyCyberSex: I don't usually, but you sound really hot!!!
CindyCyberSex: Start jerking off that tiny shriveled up dick of yours while I take you to pleasure town! ;)
Zodd: mmm I like that
Zodd: my cock is not small tho its 11in, think you can handle it?
CindyCyberSex: I'll work it like Muhammad Ali with a ketchup bottle!
Zodd: mmm maybe suck some
CindyCyberSex: My lips press against yours.
CindyCyberSex: Your breath smells like dog food but I'm to juiced to care.
Zodd: mmmm my tongue entering ur mouth
Zodd: i caress ur ass
CindyCyberSex: Your arthritic hand, wrinkled and worn raw by the hands of time, feels good against my young bottom.
Zodd: I'm not that old!
Zodd: I like yung girls because of the power difference, I dunno I just think its hot
CindyCyberSex: OK gramps I get what you are saying. It's a power thing I gotcha.
CindyCyberSex: I run my hand up your blouse and fondle your supple breasts.
Zodd: put ur hand on my cock
CindyCyberSex: I reach down and rub your cock through your pretty pink panties.
CindyCyberSex: I slip off your thong and finger your balls.
Zodd: my hand slides between ur legs
Zodd: mmmmmm wet
CindyCyberSex: How many fingers can you take?
Zodd: 2
CindyCyberSex: I slid 2 fingers deep into you.
Zodd: huh?
CindyCyberSex: I wanna fuck your tight dick!
CindyCyberSex: I push u down on the bed and get on top of you.
CindyCyberSex: Are you ready babe?
Zodd: oh defiantly
CindyCyberSex: I slid my girl bit into you.
Zodd: oh hun thats awesome
Zodd: it feel sooooo good
CindyCyberSex: I push your knees to your head and start hammering away at your... you know boy part.
Zodd: i look up at you surprised
CindyCyberSex: I stick my finger in your mouth.
Zodd: im so hard for you
Zodd: are u wet?
CindyCyberSex: Like a Mexican's back in July!
Zodd: i want to feel nd taste
CindyCyberSex: I slap your face and scream "DON'T LOOK AT ME WHEN I'M FUCKING YOU!"
Zodd: i don't like that
CindyCyberSex: Who's your daddy bitch?
Zodd: ?
CindyCyberSex: I flip you over and start pounding your ass with my big fat vagina.
CindyCyberSex: My clit bangs against your colon like a coked up tard with a new toy drum.
Zodd: WTF
CindyCyberSex: mmm yea baby.
CindyCyberSex: I punch you in the back of the head and howl like a wolverine as I shoot my load.
Zodd: freak
#### Zodd Quits ####
CindyCyberSex: Awfully judgmental for a pedophile.

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