CindyCyberSex: Liberal Politics


CindyCyberSex: Hey why don't you like bush?
FuckBush19: umm because he's a moron
CindyCyberSex: Ohh you're talking about the person
FuckBush19: lol
FuckBush19: what did you think i was talking about?
CindyCyberSex: The plant
FuckBush19: lol
CindyCyberSex: Don't laugh I'm not stupid! I like politics too!
FuckBush19: o yea
CindyCyberSex: Yes! Discussing politics while fucking is my favorite
FuckBush19: oh really we should hangout sometime ;)
CindyCyberSex: But I don't fuck anymore I just cyber
FuckBush19: y is that?
CindyCyberSex: Global warming!
FuckBush19: huh?
CindyCyberSex: Sex makes me fart, it adds to the CO2
CindyCyberSex: We all have to do our part you know?
FuckBush19: yeah I guess
CindyCyberSex: Only problem is now I'm horny all the time
FuckBush19: I see maybe I can help?
CindyCyberSex: OK!
CindyCyberSex: I want you to lap at my twat like Hilary Clinton at an all you can eat clam buffet!
FuckBush19: haha I would I actually really like doing that
CindyCyberSex: Great! I'll unzip your pants and pull out your Obama
CindyCyberSex: It is surprisingly well spoken for a negro
CindyCyberSex: I get down on my knees and start debating with it furiously
FuckBush19: ohh baby im hard
CindyCyberSex: *sigh*
FuckBush19: whats the matter?
CindyCyberSex: Oh you wouldn't understand
FuckBush19: come on tell me
CindyCyberSex: It's just that� sometimes I wish I were a big hairy gay man
FuckBush19: huh?
CindyCyberSex: I just want to get gay married so bad
CindyCyberSex: I know you probably think it is wrong, but I just love gay marriage so much!
FuckBush19: no I support gay marriage
CindyCyberSex: OMG! I love you!
FuckBush19: hahaah
CindyCyberSex: We should get gay married! Wouldn't that be exciting?
FuckBush19: sure
CindyCyberSex: Gays can't help it. It is just the way they were born. Like my cousin Lester�
FuckBush19: your cousin is gay?
CindyCyberSex: Eww God no!
FuckBush19: ok
CindyCyberSex: But I did catch him tonguing my cat Mr. Bufferton's asshole
FuckBush19: what the hell!
CindyCyberSex: Don't start it's not like he had a choice in the matter, it's genetics
CindyCyberSex: My family must have a lot of cat salad tossers in it
FuckBush19: i guess
CindyCyberSex: I'll tell ya I'll never look at old grandpa the same way again
CindyCyberSex: Whenever he kisses me I sniff his breath for kitty litter
CindyCyberSex: But I digress
FuckBush19: yeah
CindyCyberSex: Where were we�
CindyCyberSex: oh yeah I was debating your Obama and you were Hilarying my pinko stinko
FuckBush19: haha yep
CindyCyberSex: I would tell you to send the troops home all over my face but I want you to finish inside me
FuckBush19: k I like that
FuckBush19: i'll send them all home ;)
CindyCyberSex: Mmm
FuckBush19: :)
CindyCyberSex: I hope you have the virility of young Ted Kennedy!
FuckBush19: oh I do
CindyCyberSex: Don't worry you won't have to kill me, I really want to have an aboriton!
FuckBush19: umm why?
CindyCyberSex: Not because I'm not financially or emotionally ready to support a child
CindyCyberSex: I just really want to see what it is like to kill a baby!
FuckBush19: ok im leaving
#### FuckBush19 Quits ####
CindyCyberSex: Vote Ron Paul in 08!

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