CindyCyberSex: Nasty Girl

cyber sex

colts131: hey
colts131: u there?
CindyCyberSex: Sorry, I was taking a shit. I'm back.
colts131: its cool what r u doin
CindyCyberSex: Knitting an AIDS quilt. You?
colts131: haha for real
colts131: im just chillin
CindyCyberSex: cool
colts131: so what do u look like?
CindyCyberSex: I have a pic.
colts131: send it
CindyCyberSex: 1 sec
CindyCyberSex: here
CindyCyberSex: *pic*
colts131: nice ur hot
colts131: wish I could see more of ur body tho
CindyCyberSex: Thanks. Trust me Stevie Wonder my body is nice.
CindyCyberSex: So do you want to cyber or what?
colts131: ha yeah I do
colts131: u start
colts131: where we at?
CindyCyberSex: We're in the alley behind the abortion clinic
CindyCyberSex: I just had an abortion and my pussy is aching... aching for some cock that is! ;)
colts131: mmm I got what you need
CindyCyberSex: I see your stankin ass dumpster diving through the medical waste.
CindyCyberSex: "Hey you stupid asshole that's the abortion clinic's dumpster! There is nothing but vacuumed out mistakes in there" I yell.
colts131: ?
CindyCyberSex: (Go with it I've always had a fantasy about fucking a bum. Trust me it'll be hot)
colts131: k
CindyCyberSex: "Why don't you get out of that dumpster and get into this cum dumpster" I say as I point to my vag.
colts131: i get out of the trash and walk over to u.
colts131: u like it nasty don't ya grl?
CindyCyberSex: mmmm you have no idea. I like it REAL nasty!
colts131: let me see dat pussy
colts131: u no i need something to eat
CindyCyberSex: I lift up my skirt and show you my swollen shaved pussy
CindyCyberSex: "Don't worry I made sure they wiped off all the baby membrane" I assure you.
colts131: i slip my fingers into your snatch
CindyCyberSex: My pussy lips start frothing like a rabid dog's mouth.
colts131: i finger i slid 3 fingers into u and finger u harder
CindyCyberSex: I take your cock out.
CindyCyberSex: It stinks like week old sushi and flamingo vomit. I start to gag.
CindyCyberSex: mmmmm I'm so hot!
colts131: i bend u over the dumpster and lift up your skirt
CindyCyberSex: I want you to pound my fuck box with your man hammer!
colts131: yeah baby I am gonna fuck you in your little ass
CindyCyberSex: Yes! Violate my asshole!
CindyCyberSex: Fuck it so hard that I starting shitting involuntarily all over your dick.
CindyCyberSex: mmmm I'm your nasty girl!
colts131: ur fucked up that's what you are
colts131: waste of time
#### colts131 Quits ####
CindyCyberSex: mmm yeah

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