In Da Club

  You won't find me in da club with a bottle full of Bud. But I do got that X if you into taking drugs.
Going to clubs suck for following reasons.

  • Even if you are over 21, they usually charge you a cover to get in.
  • Clubs usually do not have drink specials, or have shitty ones.
  • It is too loud to talk. I love hearing myself talk.
  • I do not like dancing. I only dance if a girl I am attracted to approaches me, and obviously wants to dance. Or if I went to a club with a girl and she begs me to dance. I do not actively pursue a dancing partner.
  • It is tough to get a read on whether a girl is going to go home with you or not at a club. She can be a freak on the dance floor and then not want to fuck afterwards. You already gave her what she wanted the taste of sex without her having the guilt of actually hooking up with some strange guy. There is a lot of what I like to call "militant cock teasing" in clubs.
  • When I was younger, I did like clubs. I thought it was awesome I could grind on a bunch of different girls it was fun. As I have matured (yeah right) just grinding on some random chick just does not do it for me anymore.
  • In a club, if a girl wants to hook up with me it is just purely based on looks. That is fine, I do all right in that area, but that does not satisfy my ego anymore. My ego has grown and I want a girl that wants to fuck me not just for my looks, but also because she was seduced by my intellect and humor. I have a personality I do not have to hide in clubs cause I am a loser who is mediocre in everyway but looks.
  • Most clubs have dress codes. I might like grinding on random chicks more if I could go commando in sweatpants.
  • Clubs are hot as fuck. Sweating is not sexy.
  • There are more wannabe big shot douche bags at clubs than anywhere else. Thus, I am more likely to be arrested in a club.

Well there you have it, so do not look for me in da club. If you are a male over 20 and still like to go "clubbin" then you are a prick or fag, possibly both.