Ying Yang Freshman Girls

  Freshman girls are living embodiments of the principle of Ying Yang. Their are different types of freshman girls. Each type contrasts the other in a perfect Ying Yang pattern.

  The loose saucy freshman fleshpot vs. the cold altitudinous freshman flower warden or to state it simply the party girl vs. the virgin. These are the two most obvious types of freshman girls. The party girls are more attractive, are pledging a sorority, and sucking every dick in their immediate vicinity. The virgin girls are usually less attractive, are stressing over classes, and putting everything but penis into their mouths to deal with the anxiety and loneliness. These two types are greatly generalized though. Among both these groups, there are further sub-groups that contrast each other.

  The frivolous minx vs. the emotionally man-conscious floozie. The slut and the boyfriend hunter are the two sub-classes of party girl. The slut is oversexed. She is relishing in her independence, and is downing more semen than the Spanish Armada. Her philosophy is "carpe diem" but since she is usually too dumb to know any Latin, it is "live life to the fullest" or "no regrets" or sometimes just simply "COLLEGE!". The boyfriend hunter is not as oversexed as the slut is. She has a tinge of guilt that just holds her back from being a slut. To deal with her guilt she is constantly inventing feelings for guys she is hooking up with, and pressuring them for a relationship. She needs a boyfriend so she can get the constant penis she so greatly craves, and still feel superior to the slut.

  • Eventually both groups dwindle. The sluts lose a significant portion of their group around the ages of 20 or 21. When these girls, who have had more people in their gap, then well.. The Gap, suddenly develop the urge for a relationship. The boyfriend hunters lose their members two ways. First, there are those that actually land long-term boyfriends. The others become bitter and jaded they realize they are not in high school anymore, and guys are not looking for a relationship. They buy a vibrator and only hookup with guys when they absolutely need too.

  The virtuous ice queen of Virginia vs. The anxious cock-monger of Cleveland. The moral virgin and the natural virgin are the two sub-classes of the virgin. The moral virgins are waiting to give up their "flower". I do not want to know nor do I care why they are waiting. They are usually religious and uptight. The natural virgins are another story. They may be virgins because they are homely looking, or maybe they never had the opportunity for sex because of strict parents. For whatever reason they came to college virgins and they are dieing to lose their virginity. They usually are slightly scared of sex since they are so inexperienced. There is an interesting phenomenon amongst them though. Because of their inexperience, they are likely to be up for anything, and I mean ANYTHING once they get into it and are comfortable with a guy. They do not know what is normal from what is kinky. They are very likely to be open to experimenting because they want to try "everything once", and they do not know any better. You can spot them because they have their eyes caked closed with cum; they are covered in urine and fecal matter, and are walking as if they just rode a horse bareback across the country.

  • Eventually both groups dwindle as well. The moral virgins lose members two ways. The first way is through getting boyfriends who they love, so they feel it is ok, because they are in love to have sex. The other is through sexual frustration. Their natural urges with the help of alcohol overwhelm their moral reasoning, and they have sex. The natural virgins disappear quickly. When girls are willing to have sex, it does not take long for some guy to oblige them. Even the homely girls get laid, usually some drunks last resort.

  First, let me say it is a good thing women are not allowed to use the Internet. Now here is my advice to guys out there. Use the information provided here to determine your behavior towards freshman girls. If you determine a girl to be of the group party girl sub-class slut. Then take an aggressive approach, be overtly sexual. If she is group party girl sub-class boyfriend hunter act according to your desire to get in a relationship. If you want a relationship, a cool confident approach making sure you display a blatant interest in her. You cannot give this girl too many assurances or attention. If the girl is group virgin sub-class moral virgin I do not know what to tell. WWJD? If the girl is group virgin sub-class natural virgin you may be drunk and dealing with an ugly girl. It is your call on this one. If she is not ugly but you have determined she is a natural virgin. Usually these girls tell you that they are virgins, yet still act in a very sexual manner. Then your approach should be overtly sexual, but not too aggressive. Use caution not to frighten her, and take efforts to make her comfortable. Do not be afraid once you have determined she is comfortable with you to "make your move". Remember she has no idea of sexual etiquette you may want to use this to your advantage, you sick perv.

  In conclusion, without this knowledge dealing with freshman girls can be a tricky ordeal. The contrast between the behaviors of the different types of freshman girls can confuse a guy if he is unaware of the existence of the different groups. Once the knowledge is gained and absorbed freshman girls become simple. They are black or white. As time goes by they become a gray confusing blob, but by then, a new class has arrived and the circle of life continues.