Girls Night Out

It is Friday night and Kristi, Kristina, and Penelope Anne are going through their usual preparations for yet another "girls night out". In their bra and panties, the pre-going out tickle fight is in full swing. They all have magnificent 32C tits, which are also enjoying the activities, jiggling and bouncing about as the girls chase each other around the room.

When the homoerotic game has reached its crescendo, the girls are sweaty and tired. They decide to take a shower, and their tits join them. Whilst playfully kissing and lathering each other up, the girls begin discussing their hopes for the night.

Kristina: "I'm gonna get so fucking wasted and land me some sweet meat!"

Kristi: "Oh Kristina you are such a whore and I love you for it! I am going to call up Todd and have him meet up with us. I think it is about time I introduce him to my snatch� if you catch my drift."

Penelope Anne: "Todd is a total hottie. I'm gonna go hoggin! You know, nail me a fatty! I need a slump buster real bad I am getting backed up here. Besides everyone knows fat guys give the best head."

The girls all laugh, each of them had done their fair share of fatties. However, Penelope Anne seemed to do them quite frequently, due to her low self-esteem. The girls prattle on about their hopes of landing massive amounts of penis as they kiss and dress for the evening.

"Do you gals realize what time it is?" Kristi inquires. "Body shot o'clock!!!" the girls screech in unison. They whip out a bottle of tequila and eagerly lick it off each other. Tequila flies off bare skin in a veritable orgy of drunken slurping. An hour later, the girls, drunk and drenched in saliva and tequila are ready to head out.

The girls and their tits pile into Penelope Anne's car. On the way to the club, they laugh and caress each other as they listen to music. When their favorite song starts to play the girls all scream and sing along joyously to the lyrics "Cotton candy, sweet and low, let me see that tootsie roll"

At a stoplight, the girls notice a group of guys in the jeep next to them. Kristina immediately shouts out the window "Hey boys I want to suck your cocks!" as she seductively runs her tongue around her lips. Competitive by nature Kristi is quick to join in "Oh yeah well I will suck your cock and lick your balls. Then I want your black friend there to fuck me in the ass. While you two take turns kicking me in the ribs." The girls were just getting warmed up when the light turns green and Penelope Anne peels away leaving behind a trail of dust and the echo of their last words "rusty trombone".

When the girls arrive at the club, they skip the line, and walk right in. They did not sleep with the bouncers, the bartenders, and the gimp to wait in any fuckin line. As soon as they walk in Kristina bumps into a guy and immediately starts a heavy flirting session. Kristi and Penelope Anne marvel at their friends amazing ability to land ass.

"Damn look at Kristina go. She is such a stud." Kristi exclaims.
"Look at that guy over there Kristi. He is huge! I bet once I get that mass moving he would rock my world. I am going to go talk to him." Says Penelope Anne.

Penelope Anne walks over to her fatty beaming with confidence. He surely would not reject her; she could feel safe with him.

"Hey there big boy"
"Uhh Hi" replies Fatboy
"I like your shirt." Penelope Anne runs her hands down Fatboy's shirt knocking off crumbs while she caresses his fupa.
"What's your name? Do you want a drink?" Fatboy stammers.
"My name is Penelope Anne. Let me buy you a drink. My big boned beau."

Meanwhile Kristi, after just watching Kristina go to the bathroom with a guy, decides it is time to call Todd. The music in the club is very loud, so Kristi has to scream into her phone. After 20 minutes of yelling the clubs name into the receiver, Kristi is confident that Todd has heard her. God he can be such a fag sometimes she mutters to herself. Just then, the DJ cuts the music and makes an announcement.

"We are going to be having a wet t-shirt contest tonight. Would all the supa fine ladies in the hizzouse who want get their swerve on please report to the stage."

"Ahhh hell ya nigga!" Kristi exclaims. She has won wet t-shirt contests in Cancun. This was small time shit compared to those. Kristi hurries to the stage to sign up.

Backstage Kristi decides to go last in the hopes that Todd will get there in time to see her performance. Kristi starts her stretching routine. She is not going to lose this one because she pulls something. She guffaws at the fuckin amateurs she is up against. Most of them appear too wasted to put together a proper show.

Kristi confidence grows as all her competitors go out on the stage and fail to impress the crowd. When it is Kristi's turn, she takes a moment to collect herself "Ok Kristi. Look, if you had, one shot, or one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted, one moment, would you capture it, or just let it slip."

Kristi runs onto the stage, grabs a bucket of water from one of the bouncers, and drenches herself with it. She quickly whips off her shirt and launches it into the crowd. She and her tits are in the zone as they bounce around to the music. Off comes her skirt in one fluid motion, the crowd is enthralled.

This is what she lives for. Kristi makes her way to the front of the stage and then to everyone's amazement rips her thong clean off, like Hulk Hogan in an itchy t-shirt. She twirls it around her head like a gladiator would a battle-axe in some ancient coliseum. "Fuck you dad for missing my dance recitals" she thinks.

She turns from the crowd, and starts shaking her ass like Michael J. Fox with a Polaroid picture. She busts into a "tootsie roll" which she parlays into "getting her eagle on", and then as she is making it clap, she glances between her legs and sees Todd standing in the middle of the crowd.

She jumps up from the floor, runs to the edge of the stage, and does a flying split into the crowd. Her snatch directly in line with Todd's face. Upon contact, Todd goes down� hard, and Kristi and her snatch land on top of him.

Kristi is dazed as her clit taps the cadence to 50 Cent's "Candy Shop" on Todd's forehead. Penelope Anne rushes over to help Kristi up. Todd is unconscious. "You are such a fag!" Kristi screams at him, her feelings of rejection getting the better of her. The bouncers hand her clothes and start directing her towards the door.

"Wait, where is Kristina?" Kristi inquires.
"I'm right here." Kristina replies in a throaty whisper.

Kristina's crusty red eyes make it look as though she has come down with a nasty case of pink eye. Her teeth appear to be caked with plaque.

"What did I miss?" She asks as some plaque squirts onto her chapped lips.
"Nothing much. Lets get out of here." Replies Penelope Anne.
"What happened to your porker Penelope?" Kristi asks.
"Oh, I was rubbing his crouch during your performance and he busted in his pants. That's the problem with fatties they have no self control." Says Penelope Anne.
The girls all laugh.

As they get into the car, and drive off into the night the girls look at each other and smile. They are content, they all know this was another great girls night out.

"I wonder if our husbands had as much fun as we did." Says Kristi
"Doubt it!" They scream in unison, and laugh� and kiss.