January, 27 2005

I Got Dissed

I was called the following things last night.
"asshole", "dickhead", "jerk", "bitch", "fucker", and "creep"
That came from five different girls. I do not know what I was doing last night, but for some reason I was angering girls quickly and frequently. They were probably mad because I was just fucking with them and would not fuck them. At least that is the reason I have for their poor impressions of me.

This conversation did not get me called anything. In fact, the girl thought I was funny.

Girl: Yeah guys get the wrong impression from my tongue ring.
Me: Really? I think you are a whore.
Girl:(laughs) Oh so you want to take me home then?
Me: Who said anything about taking you home? Doesn't this place have a bathroom?

posted by John 2:50PM