A Man's Guide To Discussing Celebrities

As many of you don't know I am now living in Hollywood AKA Hollyweird, Hollyhood, or The-Jews-control-everything-ville. I know when hear Hollywood you immediately think "top quality tranny hookers", but Hollywood is also known for another breed that enjoy taking a hard one, they're called "celebrities".

People in Hollywood love talking about celebrities. But can a guy discuss celebrities and still call himself a man? Surprisingly the answer is yes� if they follow one simple rule.

Rule: Only female celebrities matter, and they only matter in relation to how your penis feels about them.

Let's practice: Here are a few celebrities that are commonly talked about. No matter what is being said about them my response to the mention of their name is always the same.

lindsay lohan
Lindsay Lohan
"I'd fuck her."
rosie o'donnell
Rosie O'Donnell
"I wouldn't fuck her."
jared leto
Jared Leto
"I'd fuck her... What do you mean she's a guy? In that case I'd kick his ass!"

Here is an excellent example of how to discuss celebrities like a man:

See what he did there? He made the conversation about him and his penis. When done successfully discussing celebrities like a man will almost always result in the banging of a hot chick. Remember celebrity's lives do not matter! The only thing that matters is if you would grace their vaginas with your presence.

**Bonus** How women should discuss celebrities.

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