August 25, 2005

My MySpace Friend

Meet my friend "Kody". He spells Cody with a "K" how awesome is that? Kody and I go out and party all the fuckin time. We also say "fuckin" a lot. Ain't that fuckin right Kody? Haha he didn't respond. He has been hittin those nitrous balloons hard all day, I think he is unconscious. Anyway when he comes too we are going to head out to try and get some girls, or as Kody says "We gonna find some cooters to dip our pencils in! I fuckin love me some pink stink". I fuckin love his colorful language.

I bet you are asking yourself how did I get such an fuckin awesome guy like Kody to be my fuckin friend. Well I'll fuckin tell you how. Through this fuckin awesome site called MySpace. You see MySpace is a place where awesomely rad guys like Kody go to "network", and I was lucky enough to have him choose me as a friend.

Kody just got up. I thought that fucker had stopped breathin for a while there. Haha he told me to "shut your man pleaser, and pass me a brew". I think we are about to head out, you can check out my awesome MySpace profile here.

posted by John 6:30PM