Chuck Norris Sex

Chuck Norris Sex




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  1. mitchell says:

    esta imagenes esta chido….

  2. Tammy says:

    Sickening! What is our world coming to……you r sick! Grow up & get a real life not some perverted fantasy

    • Anon says:

      What the fuck are you talking about? There is no perverted fantasy here. Just a funny picture.

      Stupid cunts like you piss me off to no end. “THERE’S A PICTURE OF A FEMALE AND I CAN ALSO SEE THE WORD ‘FUCKED’! I suppose I should be offended even though there is nothing to be offended by. Oh well… I guess that’s what happens to peoples brains when their parents are brother and sister.”

      You are so ignorant that it is hilarious. You don’t even know what you are mad about. You are the one that needs to get a life.

      Always remember that you are a pathetic waste of flesh. You should be put down and your organs given to somebody that needs them and isn’t as useless as you are. Your remains shall then be tossed into a back alley in New York City where it will be urinated and shat on by homeless people until your corpse turns to dust.

      Enjoy the rest of your miserable excuse for a life.

      Oh yeah I almost forgot. Your comment makes you come across as some middle aged morbidly obese bitch that has never gotten laid.

      • anonymous says:


        cillax faggit rofl xp

      • ItsKingsleyBitch says:

        Chuck Norris would end up like the girl in the pic if Rosie O’Donnell RAPED him in his little pussy and ASShole. For SHE WOULD make him her womanly bitch. He is Rosie O’Donnell’s DICKLESS and BALLESS MAN-BITCH and MAN-PUSSY as well as his MAN-WIFE! He will become America’s first male with a PUSSY due to being FUCKED so HARD up the urethra by the Great GODDESS ROSIE HIMSELF!!!! Chuck wears the skirt in the O’Donnell family while Rosie wears the pants! chucks offspring came out of Chuck’s vagina, for Rosie FUCKED Mr. sissy-man Norris SUPER HARD with her GODLY PENIS!

      • Mike says:

        wtf is wrong with you kingsley, why the hell would you write that? are you ok?

      • beefmansays says:

        so many faggots in these comments smh <.<

    • Alex says:

      Bitch shut up this is for people to laugh at not get mad at…..fucking bunny humper

  3. FirstAmendment says:

    It’s TammyFay I’ll bet!
    She needs to see the vet,
    Rapid, no doubt
    And shouldn’t be out
    Where her rabid foam
    Makes us all groan
    Over her mindless prattle!
    She turns the wit into
    A verbal cesspit
    To get in our way
    Of trying to have a laugh today.

    Lighten up Tammy.

    Yes this is a cool image as the first person posted in Spanish. I have to wonder WTF happened to the girl to land her in that type of cast!
    Broken hips and lower back maybe?
    Whatever it was it’s taking a bad situation and turning it around to make it funny. As long as the girl in the picture is Ok with it, It is funny and certainly not a pic you see often!

  4. mister says:

    hoes gon always be hoes so u couldn’t blame tammy

  5. Chuck says:

    She was a wild ride before the plaster, but she’s even more fun now with the obstacle course!


  6. TentacleRaep says:

    Sorry Tammy but this is part of a real life “perverted” fantasy. It’s from a set of fetish pictures where the girl is wearing a body cast and posing nude. And no, the body cast is not real.

    Log off the internet and read your bible some more. You don’t seem to be handling real life too well.

    And feed your cats.

  7. sumit says:

    I will give you a funny feeling…. and lots off fun…..
    WHAT U SAY….??????

  8. Phil McCrackin says:

    My only question is, how would a fellow keep from rubbing his ears raw on that cast?

  9. Jackson Briggs says:

    This is sick looking and the girl is clearly a whore.

  10. nano says:

    lololol wat the fuck??
    how does that happen

  11. OLDDOG says:

    Howdy folks. There’s nothing wrong with a good sense of humor. There’s nothing wrong with seeing something for what it is. As funny and strange as this photo looks with just a little intelligence one might feel differently. Most likely this smiling woman has spastic cerebral palsy. Spastic cerebral palsy causes the muscles to constrict, become very tight and do not stretch.

    Often times surgery will be performed to relive tension on these stretched and stressed muscles to give the person more mobility. They are put in body casts like these for months at a time in some cases. This is done so the muscles don’t revert.

    I used to date a woman with CP. One of the smartest people I’ve every known, and an absolute sex freak in bed. I’m just saying.

  12. Truth about cast says:

    This is a picture of a teenager with a Spica cast with a bar. A spica cast is a hard covering over the waist, hips, and legs that prevents movement of the hips. A bar between the legs strengthens the cast. An opening in the genital area allows normal urine and bowel elimination. A spica cast may be used to keep the hip joint of a child with developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) in the position for normal growth. Spica casts are usually worn for 2 to 3 months and cannot be removed during this time.

    Sorry TentacleRaep but this is a real picture of a teenager with DDH and it was just used in a humorous tone, nothing more nothing less. If you don’t think so google it or look up the condition in a medical book.

    • M*sterC*ck says:

      The Spica is a real thing, but there is a very real fetish for pics/vids of women wearing them. No one is happy to be in one of these things usually. They are extraordinarily uncomfortable, and the underlying reasons for having them medically can be very painful.

      This chick is a model who had this done by an amateur and will have it removed after the pics/vids are shot. The tell is the towel over her cooter. That’s a dishrag, which is not normally the proper medical device in this situation. Also, she probably wouldn’t be in an ill-fitting wheelchair in a fucking driveway showing off.


  13. MikeyDV says:

    The dumbass conversation this pic has sparked off is almost as funny as the pic itself.

    Keep humour alive people!

    P.s. best comment is from Phil (McCrackin)

    • Danny says:

      Nah, actually Phil McCrackin’s comment is stupid as fuck and one of the lamest ones here, as evidence by it’s poor rating.Of all the comments here who else but a FAGGOT would call THAT one the best one here?

      Fucking mush-brain loser cunt.

  14. Jake says:

    This girl has some other pictures, naked ones in her cast. Will post links if you want..

  15. Jason says:

    When U heal up I’ll put it in the other end………………

  16. eDManz says:

    mmm… Chuck Norris… qe más se podia esperar??

  17. ramjam says:

    Hey jake were is the link to this girl?

  18. Tammy says:

    You’re all right! Sorry I was such a kill joy, I was just annoyed because it’s me in the picture, I destroyed my lower body with an unfortunate mega-period. To appologise I’ll give everyone hand jobs :)

    And the people who keep preaching about medical conditions should just mellow out. I’m guessing when people saw the picture they assumed that it was some kind of medical complaint rather than just a fashion statement, stop pooping on the party and let people have their fun. Trying to guilt people just makes you look like a douche because no one actually cares.

    Props to Jake for finding those other pics of me :D

    • james says:

      Wow, faggot. Whats with the lame attempt at fooling people into thinking that you’re Tammy? lol try harder, fucking failure.

  19. Mike_420 says:

    Well you see the rest of the pictures of this set. gets better and worse

  20. Me says:

    Why are you all being an ass to the first poster. He or she is allowed to express their own opinions. Just ignore and move on.

  21. Chuck says:

    You’re all stupid, and not just because you’re in 2011: no kitten could survive a Chuckgasm – case closed.

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