How Women Flirt

How Women Flirt




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3 Responses to “How Women Flirt”

  1. partygurl says:

    Hahaha! That’s true, how’d you guys know!

  2. nigganuts says:

    First of all, this isn’t really SHOWING how women flirt. Whoever made this fucked it up. This isn’t showing how they “flirt”; unless they’re implying that women really DON’T flirt. Whatever the case is, this is merely just illustrating the **supposed** thought process of your typical bitch.

    Girls are so fucking dumb it’s unbelievable! I blame all of their screwed “thought processes” on their SELF-CENTERED PRIDES and SUPER EGOS! I’ll admit, guys are DUMB too, but in a different way…

    But wow…females are so incredibly fucking ignorant. This is why most of them end up SCRAMBLING in their 30’s looking for “Mr. Right”(*and “Mr. Right” doesn’t really exist in the first place). Because they’ve done so much fucking around earlier in their lives (JUDGING and PRE-JUDGING good guys and other potentials), this is precisely why they’ll end up with Mr. Wrong in the end. After a terrible expereince w/ Mr. Wrong, they’ll end up with a divorce, she’ll probably keep the few children she has (*along with all the other baggage) and move on to the next loser. Or become a lesbian or spinster.. Whatever the case is, by this time, her already FUCKED UP thought process is even more FUCKED UP, if you actually believe that! lmao.. (*actually, I’m not laughing. This is truly sad).
    That is a summation of the basic archetypal evolution of the current American Woman today. Walking-talking pathetic fucking messes. They’re so sad and pathetic, they don’t even care how fucked up they are. What’s to blame for this? One word: FEMINISM!!!!! The DEATH of America and the West.
    The End.

  3. The brit says:

    Lighten the fuck up you tool – it’s a bit of a laugh. Go tell someone who gives a shit about your hurt pride. I bet ur ex gf destroyed ur life or something.

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