She Moved To Jersey

Tan Disease




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39 Responses to “She Moved To Jersey”

  1. jojo says:

    Jersey Snore. ZZZzzzz…..

  2. JerseyGirl says:

    Oh, shut the fuck up. Jersey was nice until those mtv morons made it a laughing stock for you retards.

  3. natasha says:

    oh come on… she has an actual disease where her skin darkens over time. fuck off you idiots

  4. Shutthefuckup:) says:

    Jersey is still cool, but Jersey Shore( a dumbass t.v. show) make it look bad. so all ya’ll shut the effer up

  5. ispylbutton says:

    Did anyone else notice that the background for 2007 and 2009 are exactly the same??

    • JImmy says:

      umm her bedroom..?>

    • TrollTroll says:

      Yea dude, I think its her bedroom. The bed is a little more messed up in one pic. And the other pic has more used condoms lying around in it too.

    • Bob says:

      You can see that the poster is showing signs of aging in 2009 compared to 2007. Seems legit. Also, if you look closely her face is showing signs of aging from 2006 – 2009 :p

  6. hither says:

    natasha says:
    June 4, 2011 at 4:44 am
    oh come on… she has an actual disease where her skin darkens over time. fuck off you idiots


  7. haha says:

    hither, u mad?

  8. haha says:

    and for the record, jersey has always been a laughing stock. the tv show only made it so more people could be in on the joke.

  9. stephen says:

    NOOOOOOOOO such potential wasted she was gonna be really cute then that horrible tan and dyed hair and to natasha do u honestly think she has a disease that darkens her skin? really? it doesnt just look like a fake tan to you

  10. Mio says:

    Yeah guys, she has a disease that turns her skin darker, her shorts shorter, and her hair resemble a skunk.

  11. Snookie P says:

    Come on back sissy they be hating you here. Also, pick me up some spray tan on the way home. =)

  12. Emily says:

    i went to high school with this girl, and im pretty sure she lives in michigan still. and she definitly doesnt have a disease, she’s just dumb.

  13. woowwww says:

    okay guys 1) please learn how to fucking spell. it is not spelled desease it is disease. and 2) just because she is tan and changed her hair color does not mean she moved to jersey. leave the poor girl alone and let her do what she wants. damn.

  14. Lucifer says:

    When will people learn, nobody respects oompah loompahs.

    That poor girl, she was so pretty, then turned into a Jersey retard.

  15. ashmo says:

    i thought she wouldve been cute too, until i took a closer look. in her 2006 pic she has cornrows going down the side. so im thinking her style choices were pretty much fucked no matter where she lived.

    from jersey

  16. Jack UK says:

    ahh love stumbleupon…
    have to say id fuck her brains out during 2004 – 2006
    but after that…meh… bag would work!

  17. WoW says:

    first off, the people from jersey shore are from new york. secondly, snookie and jenni aren’t even italian yet they proudy boast it. so just because they went to the jersey shore, because it is an amazing place, acted like douches and made a tv show does not mean that new jersey is a shithole. it does have its assholes, but what state doesn’t. and just because some bitch went down to new jersey and thought “hmm…these girls look fly and i wanna be them..” doesn’t mean that new jersey did that to her, her own dumbass mentality did that. new jersey is a beautiful state, with tons of attractions, tons of girls who don’t look like they fell asleep in tanning bed, and obviously the jersey shore. not to mention Atlantic city, the vegas of the east coast. so everyone on here that is posting hateful shit on new jersey look around your shitty state and see if you can’t find a few assholes who look like this dumb bitch and juice/douche heads.

    and to those people blaming the show, it didn’t air til december of 2009. its a funny show to watch them make assholes of them selves, just like the real world, except everyone got bored of that show and its 300 seasons (not actual number, but it seemed like it)

  18. Rumballz says:

    WoW: TLDR.

  19. buttman says:

    that 2009 pic makes me want to eat her asshole out.

  20. jarmain says:

    from cute to slut in 3 years. wonder what has changed by now…

  21. Will says:

    Hey Snookie, you lookin’ good!

  22. Brett says:

    I know this girl lmaoo, names lea bilan lives in Michigan

  23. You're all morons says:

    So she had braces in 2007, 2008, and 2009? She had braces for three years? Three years? I’m no orthodontist but you people are fucking morons if you buy that. Her teeth look fine in the first three pictures, if it’s even the same person. No way she needed braces for three years.

    • spike says:

      I had braces for 2.5 years. My choppers were fuuuuucked up.
      12 teeth had to be pulled to make room- Four from a double row of teeth on the lower part, four premolars, and four wisdom teeth. It took a lot of orthodontics to get things aligned after that.
      I agree her teeth look nice to start, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t anything crazy going on in there.

  24. Dont be a drag Just b a Queen says:

    I liked The way she looked like in 2006.. She looks kinda horrible now :S

  25. Jessica says:

    The state of New Jersey should sue the makers and cast of Jersey Shore for making them look like retarded oompaloompas to the rest of the world.

  26. Gen says:

    Regular, or extra crispy? Make that carcoal! Someone forgot to take that bird outta the oven and she burned!

  27. shitty says:

    FUCK U ALL! so what she is DIFFERENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thats the point of life. bad comments, why exactly?

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