April 3, 2005

Pussy Rolodex

What is a pussy rolodex? It is the list of all the girls you have fucked (exempt of any fatties, unless of course you are into that sort of thing). Normally you keep this treasured list safely stored in your mind.

When watching a midget being teabagged by a goat is just not doing it for you anymore. Or if for some strange reason porn is not readily available. You can always turn to your pussy rolodex.

I remember my girlfriend in high school, damn she was hot. And she was 16, wait in my mind she still is 16! Do I dare do her? Hell yes!

Lets see whose next, oh yeah that gorgeous girl I found past out by that dumpster. Just kidding! She wasn't gorgeous.

Remember that time I had wild sex with that girl that looked like Keira Knightly? No? Well I do. Damn that was hot.

Anyway you get the idea. Having a good pussy rolodex is awesome. And over time, the girls in it only get hotter and hotter. You will forget about that c-section scar, or those pesky genital warts. It is like having your own private harem. If you grew up with Mr. Rodgers your imagination should be a finally tuned machine, and you should have no problem recreating and expounding upon your past exploits.

I think many of the world's problems would be solved if every man had a satisfactory pussy rolodex. So, if you don't have one, get to work. Before you make the rest of us miserable.

posted by John 2:30PM