November 14, 2005


There are many stereotypes about sororities and their members. These stereotypes tend to be negative. However, I am here to tell you that though they are absolutely true, sororities and their members are awesome.

Believe it or not sororities are more than just sex cults (though I am not gonna lie that is a big part of it). Sororities are also organizations for girls to gather and openly trash talk about other girls. This is especially true if the other girls are in another sorority, a loser GDI, or a retarded freshman.

Not only are sororities a great place to point out outsiders faults they are also awesome for gossiping about the other members. You see when a girl signs up for a sorority they have to sign a paper were they agree that from then on all their actions are open to scrutiny by every member of the sorority. If she ever does something, they do not like it is the right, nay the duty of every sister to tell every other one about it and to exaggerate the offense as much as possible. It is a little something called sisterhood people, you just wouldn't understand.

Sure every sorority girl enjoys stripping down to her bra and panties and participating in the nightly pillow/tickle fight. However, sorority girls also do a lot for charities, cause somebody has to help cure cancer. What better way to save lives and have a little fun than a date auction social with that frat that uses a lot of hair products.

I hope you learned that sorority members are not just pretty girls with nice tits and sweet asses who are covered in pagan markings, and various excreted fluids. They are also real people! Most of them think they are better than you and are probably right.

posted by John 12:33PM