UF's Girls are the Hottest

  The girls at the University of Florida are hotter than the ones that go to your school. Strolling about our campus are some of the finest pieces of ass this great nation has produced. There is also a consistency of hotness to our female population, which is unrivaled on any other college campus. The old maxim holds true consistency breed's success, and we are the National Champions of female hotness. You might be wondering how we put together this winning program. Well let me educate you.

  The key to getting hot chicks to attend your school is the same as the first of rule of business. Location, Location, Location. The most important element to UF's success has been location. How has location put us were we are today? Any sociology or psychology major will tell you that what makes a person the way they are depends on some kind of combination between their environment and their genetics (Nature or Nurture). UF being located were it is (North Central Florida for those who don't know) has enabled us, to recruit the best nature has to offer, and to provide an environment that nurtures hotness.

  Hot climate hot girls. A nice tropical climate contributes enormously to the hotness of the women in the area. A warm climate promotes a hot lifestyle consisting of constant tans and physical fitness. In a warm climate fewer clothes are worn, less can be hidden, so our girls are more conscience of grooming and their appearance. A coed at the University of Wisconsin snowed up in her dorm room for 6 months with a ton of cheese logs, who is pale as a ghost, with two-week stubble covering her enormous thighs is really a product of her environment. Cold climate schools do not have a shot at touching UF's crown. Our warm climate keeps our girls constantly on their game, and almost naked 10 months out of the year.

  Variety is the spice of life. A variety of hotness is key for overall success. There are many different types of hot girls through out our country. From the beautiful beach blondes of the west, to the sexy sophisticated brunettes of the northeast, right down to the adorable southern belles of the south. Nature has created all these beautiful creatures and spread them throughout the land. UF has united these different types of hot women under our banner. How did we pull this off?

  • Again, it comes down to location. Florida is a peninsula and has tons of beachfront property this has resulted in Florida developing its own beautiful beach blondes. They are strikingly similar to their counterparts on the west coast they like surfing, smoking, and sucking dick.
  • Florida has attracted many families from the northeast. They have flocked down here because of a lack of an income tax and to be close to relatives. Among them, the beautiful sophisticated brunettes. They retain their northeastern attitude, preppy style, and fondness for sucking dick.
  • Lastly, the southern belles are drawn to UF's campus because it is in north Florida, which is very similar to the rest of the south, its poor, republican, and there is an understated racism. They feel right at home here and it is sufficiently far enough away from their parents so they can suck dick with impunity.

  Finally, I would like to cover why the girls at UF are hotter than the ones at the other large school in Florida, FSU. First, anyone who has been to UF and FSU knows first hand that it is absurd that I even have to provide an explanation, but for those of you ignorant to the difference I will break it down for you. FSU sucks! It is a dirty desolate hellhole located on the panhandle of Florida. FSU academic standards and reputation drives away hot girls. FSU has low standards they will take pretty much anyone they can get their filthy panhandling hands on, and as a result their academic reputation is laughable. Hot girls like to succeed, and they do not want to go to a school filled with retarded crack babies. While its true that most hot girls are not that bright, they usually have decent grades (it only takes a little initiative from them and they can cheat off most any guy). UF's academic standards take full advantage of this because they are set just high enough to maintain a good reputation, but not so high, that only nerdy girls and Asians can get in.

  In conclusion the girls at your school suck, and so do ours but in the good way.