7 Things Women Expect On A First Date

So, the drunk girl at the bus stop agreed to go out with you. Kudos! However this is only the first step in securing an eventful and exciting night� of sex� with her� in her vagina� or mouth� maybe her ass� who can really say what she will be up for� I mean some girls look innocent, but turn out to be real freaks� bring lube�

Go the extra mile... or two
If you greet her with a red rose and a smile you're sure to get a warm response. But if you greet her with a mischevious smirk, 20 bucks, and a baggie full of Xanax she will be really impressed. They always are.

Be polite, not pushy
She may not tell you that etiquette is a priority, but she's keeping an eye on you. Offering to play "just the tip" is a good start. You may then inquire as to whether you may PLEASE fuck her pussy. This goes a long way too showing her that you were brought up properly. Also, remember to thank her after every stroke.

Be complimentary
Many men forget to notice and compliment their date's appearance. Tell her that her face "looks like it has as story too tell". Let her know you appreciate her breasts by giving them a gentle squeeze while you smile and wink. Tell her that her ass looks like it could "take a beating". Finally, ask her if she fucks a lot because her labia are super thin.

Be curious about her
Be sure to ask her about herself. "Backdoor beauty?" is always a nice conversation starter. What would she do for a Klondike bar? Get her too talk about her cycle. Is she a heavy flow girl?

Be assertive, not aggressive
It's important that you show her you're confident. Don't say "Bitch? Take this dick?" say, "Bitch! Take this dick!" However both are better than just jamming it down her throat while you grunt and spit on her hair� unless she is into that.

Always have a backup plan
If the plans you made unravel at the last moment, relax. Just tell her too fuck off because you wanted to hangout with a good-looking girl anyway. Then go beat off in the shower as the water washes away your tears.

Leave her impressed
The evening seems to be coming to a close. You want to leave her with a lasting impression about what a wonderful time she had and how lucky she was to spend it with you. Ask her if she wants to wrestle. Then throw her against the wall. Break a few things as you make your way to the door. She should be too dazed and impressed to stop you.