January 27, 2008
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Everyday Normal Guy 2

2 Girls 1 Producer

99 Words For Boobs

KFC Commercial

Pussy Doodles

Crouching Woman Hidden Boner

Mega Punch

World's Luckiest People

Belly Dancer Accident

Most Annoying Club Girl

Scaring Mom Goes Wrong

Urban Legend ER

Sexy Videos

Howard Stern: The Fucking Machine

Girls Next Door Uncensored

Brea Bennett

Yoga Instructor

Kate's O Face

Clara Morgane Jacuzzi

Jenaveve Jolie Latin Fever

Maid Service

Norwegian Girl Shower

That's It Blowjob

Nice Girl Gets Fucked

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call that a penis
dog watch
hawkins momma
invisible president
fools motiv

Web Finds
Do's And Don'ts With Babies. Important information that may just save your baby's life!
Claudia. God damn this girl looks easy to talk to! I'd like to get to know her better as a friend!
Emo Corner. Emos argue over who has tried killing themselves more. I don't see what the big deal is I've killed myself like 100 times already.
Hot Girl Camera Phone Pics. She seems like a nice girl who is very open and loving, and I'm not just saying that because she shows her cooch.
Vag Tug-A-War. The new game that is sweeping the nation.
My Fake Baby. A documentary on crazy women and their crazy fake babies.
The World's Largest Pool. 1,000 yards long with a 115 ft deep end. This is just awesome.
Falena. Falena must be Russian for "tight fucking body".
The Booby Wall. Corporate sponsored nudity for some sort of cause... cunt cancer I think. Anyway well played Schick!
Naked Chicks On Post-it Notes. Oh blogs what will you think of next?

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