Funny Videos

I Gotta Feeling Parody

Sex Offender Shuffle

Man vs Toddler

Surprise Kitty

Beatles 3000

Star Trek Re-dubbed

I'm Not a Sex Offender, Grandma

Don't Jerk Off To This

New Moon in a Minute

POV: Gym

Awful Middle-Aged Web Cam Beatboxer

Let's Talk About Sext

"Rock Band" Yoko Ono

Mortal Kombat Is Not A Tournament

Parkour Dog

Twilight: Three Wolf Moon

Little Girl Stuffed Animal Dog Show Fail

Beard Cage with Working Beard Door

Seth MacFarlane's Secret

"Beat it" Indie Rock Version

Epic Punch Out Rap

iPhone Russian Roulette

Pole Dancer Ruins Wedding

Awesome Prizes

Phone Sex Prank: Houseguest

Tarzan Zoo Prank

Vampire Reunion

Bat Prank

Batman Vanishing

The Fake Trick Or Treater Prank

Golden Age of Video Megamix

Sexually Confused Ninja

Douchebag Solidarity

Dystonia Remix

Drunk Guy Tries to Buy Beer: Silent Movie Remix

Breakdance Cat Victim

Epic Oldsmobile Jump

The Legend of Link's Distractions

Hot Water Floor Prank

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