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Stripping Magician

Hot Gym

Busty Girl In Small Shirt

Jenna Jameson

Flashing Customers

Brunette Hottie

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Gatinha Strips
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Josh Blue The Cerebral Palsy Comedian

Pelican Eats Pigeon

Prank Telemarketer With Fake Death Scene

Pantera: "Fucking Hoff Style"

Woman Calls Police On Burger King

Crazy Girl's Chicken Dance

Simpsons: Best Of Homer

Ping Pong Club: Insane Opening

Nerd Mega Dance

Borat Tries To Adopt A Dog

Miami vs FIU Brawl

Kid Rollerskates Under 40 Cars
Web Finds
The Secret Letter From Iraq. A Marine's letter home. It is well written and makes you proud to be an American (or wish you were one if you are a filthy foreigner).
Kiss My Black Orphaned Ass You Old Whore. Madonna's new adopted son rips her a new one. Which she could use to fuck with because her old ones are beat up.
Naked Girls In Halloween Masks. Tis the season.
What's Her Whore Score? Use this guide to determine how much of a whore your girl is.
Girl Piano. This is cool. Play girls like a piano playa.
Disapproving Rabbits. These rabbits don't approve of anything.
Airplane Sex Guide. I learned a lot.
Flash Flashers. I learned a lot... I mean this is just like my real life, I only have to point.
The 8 Most Insane Moments in Professional Wrestling. The wrestling may be fake, but the crazy is oh so real.
The Virtual Stapler. This is just good clean fun.
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asian tards
trapped girl
dog steals drink
iraq backup
lucky ape
paris scientist
retard class
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