May 17, 2005


The restaurant Hooters is a bit of an enigma. How is it possible that a place with that many attractive women working for it has such bad food? Maybe it is just me, but if I were a chef, I would want to work at Hooters.

It is a scientific fact that all waitresses are whores. So why would any heterosexual chef not choose to work at Hooters where he would have a harem of magnificently marvelous mammeries at his disposal? I do not know what Hooters pays their chefs, but as long as it is decent amount, they should be pulling the top chefs in the world. I think a good rule of thumb for businesses should be to knock two grand off the salary for every hot girl you have more than your closest competitor.

Manager: "Listen Morimoto I know you have some skills, but if you want to work at Hooters and have access to our bevy of big-breasted beauties you are going to have to take a pay cut."
Morimoto: "Ok! I rike them a rot!"

Its just that easy!

It just does not make sense to me. Hooters should have a shit load of Iron Chefs in the kitchen. Strip clubs like Scores should have DJ Skribble, DJ Clue, and DJ Tanner spinning those hits. Moreover, Hugh Hefner should have the world's top chemists tending to the chlorine and PH in his Grotto.

posted by John 2:18PM